Caella "Ella" Itra
"The only love I need in life is alcohol."
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Age 23 despite looking like Death Incarnate
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
• Professional information•
Affiliation Church of the Holy Flame
Occupation Priestess
Class Space Ace
Elements Space
• Statistics•
Spirit Level 0
Essence 2
Wounds 25/25
Mana 20/20
• Traits•
Unique Trait Dynamic Warp
Trait 1 Intense Training - Begin Character creation with the ability boost skills to level 3
Trait 2 Mana Battery - Begin with 20 mana as opposed to the standard 10. For every 10 mana you use in battle, you will gain one permanent maximum mana.
Trait 3 Wise - Your experience and perception cause you to make less mistakes than others would. For each level above 0 you place in a skill, that amount extends the partial success limit. For example, having a skill level of 2 will cause rolls using that skill to partial success on a 5 rather than a 7.
• Skills•
Combat 0
Magic 2
Culture 1
Technical 0
• Out Of Character Information•
Face Claim Hakurei Reimu
Player Layton