As the world of Heveron expands, so does its populace, and it's important to keep track of who's who, as well as where they'll usually be if needed. Below you can find a full list of the characters who have appeared in canon, as well as what they do and what location they're in.

Kingsmeet Characters Edit

Wolves of Kingsmeet Edit

  • Remistus Clarke - Guildmaster
  • Janet Malpirg - C/A-Class Mercenary, Explosive Mage
  • Saber - S-Class Mercenary
  • Elias Katai - S-Class Mercenary, Mage
  • Logan Faust - B-Class Mercenary, Crystal Mage
  • Olivia Richka - B-Class Mercenary, Mage
  • Maxwell Bolzen - D-Class Mercenary, Crystal Mage
  • Sansa Udicost - B-Class Mercenary, Mage
  • Tai Rime - Provisional Mercenary, Mage

General Populace Edit

  • Riest Konotir - Cleric, Alchemist, Mage
  • Chesty Coffs - Prison Guard
  • Klyde Heckle - Prison Attendant
  • Clement - Fruit Merchant

Termina Characters Edit

  • Princess Gladoliné - High-ranking Empyrean noble
  • General Victoria Neige - Terminian Military Commander
  • Jean Kantaruson - Master Artificier
  • Boulder - Big guy, unknown affiliation
  • King Harkinian - King of Termina and Empyrean

Cassiline Brotherhood Edit

  • Unnamed Knight

Blackhounds Bandit Group Edit

  • Leopon-Dji - Muscle, Élan
  • Gaius Riverford - Leader [Deceased]
  • Febiven - Second in command
  • Uriel - Quartermaster
  • Markael - Technician [Deceased]
  • Jeanette - [Deceased]
  • Ven - [Deceased]
  • Newt - The naive one

Alaestus Characters Edit

  • Elias's Father - Half-Elf, High-Ranking Military, Mage

Historical Edit

  • Lord Damien Kant - Former Terminian noble, leader of Revolution that created Alaestus [deceased]

Astrolian Characters Edit

  • Judith - Dragoon
  • Unnamed White Dragon
  • Remistus's friend (unnamed)

Age of Gods Edit

  • Azek Brudge - Mountain Ranger
  • Tristan Brudge - One who remembers
  • Serj Brudge - Scholar of the Faith
  • The Falling Star

Chosen Edit

  • Mikhael, The First
  • Balor, The Dragonbound
  • Nersce of the Snakescale
  • Cassiel, The Zephyr Knight
  • Raius, The Crimson Flame
  • Uldrasiel, The Falling Light
  • Jiral of the Fade
  • [], The Judicator
  • Unnamed Antagonist

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