While people with psychic skills are present in the world, they are few and far between and usually connected to Magus abilities in some form. Espers, short of ESP users, however are people with psychic skills artificially induced unto them by a small but effective organization know as Espiral. This page goes into the detail about the organization's Espers and their traits, a detailed page on Espiral as a whole can be found here (Too be added later)

General Information Edit

Production of Espers Edit

The creation of an Esper beings at an early age, before puberty where the mind goes through changes leading into adulthood development. Subjects with indications of having untapped abilities are taken into Espiral's labs to be processed using a wide array of methods including psychology, drug regimens, and even neurological treatment. Each of these methods are more or less effective in some subjects then in others and because of this, each subject must go through examinations to find the most effective treatments to induce the emergence and growth of Esper abilities.

As a result of these treatments, subjects can become Espers as early as their mid-teens, though not without severe mental instability as time goes on. Sudden and extreme fits of violence, split personalities, schizophrenia, and other such acute cases of psychosis have appeared in all Espers produced since Espiral's beginning. It has been theorized that these deteriorations in the mental stake are an attempt by the subconscious mind to handle or alleviate the trama that's common in the Esper production process and the strain of Psychic activity on the mind afterwards.

Due to these brakes in the mental state of Espers, additional processing must be taken in the form of mental conditioning to keep maintain the effectiveness of Espers in the field.

Mental Conditioning Edit

During the production process, an Esper will undergo additional treatments to allow near absolute control over them in the form of commands that trigger unconscious responses in the subject. While subjects are raised and conditioned to always follow orders from Espiral staff, the commands are used partly as a fail-safe during an Espers' psychotic episodes or other undesired behaviour. Another function of these commands is to have Espers execute certain actions when on missions in the field such as not engaging a target should the situation not be optimal, preventing harm to VIPs, or to induce psychotic episodes in Espers to be set upon unfortunate targets of assassination.

Types of Esper abilities Edit

There are currently five Psychic abilities that Espers are able to utilize

Drawbacks in Esper abilites Edit

Rouge Espers Edit