Inxaris Elawynn
"I don't care how fluffy they are. Don't. Touch. The Ears."
• Characteristics•
Race Plains Fenrir Beastkin
Gender ♀ Female
Age 22
Hair White
Eyes Pink
• Professional information•
Affiliation The Sable Cult of St. Lothander
The Village of Striehz
Occupation Freeloader
Class Berserker
• Statistics•
Spirit Level 10
Wounds 36
• Traits•
Trait 1 Strong
Trait 2 Hardy
Trait 3 Juggernaut
• Skills•
Combat Fighting 1
Athletics 0
Brawn 1
Vitality 0
Culture Beastkin 0
Culture 0
Technical Survival 0
(Beastkin Skill) Tracking/Scent 1
• Out Of Character Information•
Player Hefewy

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