As most of the annals of history are lost prior to around 9 centuries ago, most of what came before is referred to as the Demon Age, a time when evil was prevalent across the world and peace was naught but a dream. The reality of the world back then is far less simple, but not inaccurate to what it is assumed to have been.

The Whims of the GodsEdit

Back during the Age of Demons, and most likely prior to that, the Gods were far less subtle than they are today. They would abuse their connection to the mortal world and use their energy to create terrible storms and natural distasters all to shape the world to their liking. They found, however, that the use of Angels proved a more effective and precise method. Granting immense power to these mortals in order to shape the world, the Angels began sweeping across the planet causing, in the eyes of those who lived in the present world, chaos and destruction all throughout. 

But the Gods, as always, were fickle beings and could not all agree on a single, unified vision. Their ideals clashed, and their angels reflected this in battle with one another. This only caused more problems for the planet, as their destructive forces cause great scars in all the realms as the Gods continued to disagree and fight amongst themselves over who should have the right to shape the world below.

One of these great beings, however, had a different view. (name), having watched the scene below proceed for years, said 'And ye shall be distracted by Layton, and ye shall cherish this distraction until whence you return to this place'.