In an age of Chaos and Strife - when darkness covered the land and the skies were black with demon's blood;

The Gods looked upon the Earth and said unto themselves that things were not as they should be.

And as they prepared to cast away this World in order to start anew,

Their wise and patient gaze scoured the lands for something, anything worth saving unto the next realm.

There, they found the seed of Mercy and from it grew the Judicator whose light cut across the darkness of the land and cleared the skies of taint.

Yet even emblazoned with Glory of the Gods, the Judicator's light had grown dim over the long centuries of battle against the demons and could not best the Arch-Enemy;

So vile and putrid was she that she cast away the Chosen's now pale luminescence and struck her down.

And so it was that the Vile One tried to corrupt the Judicator's will with foul lies and temptations;

But the Light of the Gods would not be swayed so, and as she cast aside the Demon's lies, she professed that no thing could be greater than the love she bore for the world;

And with the last of her Light, she banished away the Darkness forever.