(Timeline to be edited and adjusted: This is far from the final product)

Date  Event

The previous Era ends, the northern lands become eternal glass. The Age of Kings begins.


Mikhael and Vesca meet. The Aether erupts into the world shortly afterwards.


Chosen begin to appear, the age of Gods begins.

110.G PRESENCE, first of the Abominations, awakens.
230.G HUNGER, third of the Abominations, awakens.
444.G The Judicator is summoned.
512.G Mikhael is defeated and Vesca sealed, the Aether's connection begins to subside.
544.G The Judicator sacrifices herself to defeat Faith, The Unbound, ending the long Chosen war. The Age of Gods ends, leaving the world strewn with the 'corpses of angels'.
1.C Humanity begins to re-emerge after the Collapse, the Age of Crystal begins. The first human 'mages' begin to appear.
101.C The first Dwarves reach the surface, belonging to Clan Mutenghar.
332.C The old Capital of the Ruskh Kingdom, Termina, is rebuilt. Humanity begins to flock to it.
360.C The City of Termina discovers vast amounts of a mysterious crystal.
369.C The Human Kingdom's 12th King establishes the Kingdom of Termina, and renames the capital 'Empyrean' after his daughter, Empyrea.
512.C Dwarves and Humans make first diplomatic arrangement. War breaks out.
560.C Elves secede from the lands following nearly 50 years of being caught between the Human-Dwarven extended conflict.
575.C A massive increase in human mages occurs, causing an appropriate influx of crystal use. The Dwarves are pushed back to their mountain cities.
577.C TERROR awakens. The Human/Dwarven conflict abruptly ends as the two races battle for survival against the great behemoth. They succeed, and TERROR's corpse becomes Mount Turin's lesser twin, Mount Phenen.
580.C After many diplomatic meetings and proposed treaties, the bitterness and hatred between Dwarves and Humans dissipates enough that the two form a trading relationship.
636.C The first Terminian expedition into the Western Maw does not return.
750.C The Kingdom of Termina continues to grow. Human infighting begins to increase.
777.C The Church of the Holy Flame establishes the Red Templars in order to reinforce religious rule, acting as a subsidiary of the Church and a specialist force of the Terminian Military.
778.C Queen Empyrea IV grows paranoid at the sudden growth of the Red Templars and establishes the Royal Guard to act as her security.
780.C As security, force and order grow in presence across Termina, those that are oppressed begin to form small rebel factions.
803.C A large rebellion starts with the group 'Judicator's Spear' at the forefront. The Church takes a direct offense to their ideals and forces Termina into a period of intense civil strife.
814.C Due to the lack of mages on their side, the rebellion seek out the elusive Elves and come across the House of No Boundary, enlisting the Elven clan to their aid. The civil war takes a particularly brutal turn, and the rebels involvement of the Elves forces the Empire's hand in asking the Dwarves for assistance. This would also mark the first official meeting of Elven and Dwarven culture.
815.C DESIRE awakens. The House of No Boundary are all but wiped out, the rebellion falls. Termina takes all rebels as prisoners puts them to productive use in the mines, creating a huge boom in the Crystal market.
901.C The first successful Terminian expedition into the Western Maw returns with intriguing treasures of intricate design. Multiple expeditions into the mountains planned.
902.C The first recorded Elder Dragon attack on Terminian soil. Expeditions cancelled.
1001.C Lord Damien Kant is born.
1020.C Lord Kant is recruited into what remains of the Judicator's Spear. His influence reforms the rebellion mindset and the groups rally under him, forming the legendary (or heretical depending on viewpoint) Sword Of The Blue Sun group.
1025.C After years of skirmishes with official Terminian forces, the Blue Suns stage a coup d'etat. With exceptional leadership from Lord Kant and his many advisors, an all-out bloody war is avoided, yet a traitor in their ranks reveals their plans and the coup d'etat ends in failure.
1026.C The Blue Suns are hunted down for their crimes against the state. Lord Kant gathers those who remain and all others who would follow under him with the promise of new, better start, and crosses the southern Terminian borders. He is pierced by an arrow through the heart before he makes it.
1030.C Those that followed Lord Kant begin to settle in the southern marshlands.
1067.C The second human country of Alaestus is born following the establishment of a governing body across the southern villages.
1080.C The Southern Dwarven Clans make contact with Alaestus in its infant state and form a partnership, quickly accelerating the country's growth but affecting their worldview. Technology quickly becomes an Alaestian focus.
1538.C PEACE awakens.
1540.C The respective rulers of Astrolia, Alaestus and Termina meet in the small town of Verde to establish a ceasefire and ongoing peace treaty. Mayor Bilgerat renames the town 'Kingsmeet'.
1882.C Present day.
2409.C The Aether undergoes a total collapse, and the world is left broken in its wake.
IR-1 The age of Iron begins.